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Auditory Verbal Therapy is an early intervention program for children using Cochlear Implants or Hearing Aids below the age of 3 years. The Auditory-Verbal approach stimulates the listening regions of the brain and enables these children to make sense of the language spoken around them.

Hearing and listening become an integral part of communication, play, education, and, eventually, work. At Samvaad, using the Auditory-Verbal approach, children develop a listening attitude to pay attention to the sound around them. Further, all learning from the sessions carries over into daily life – which means that at home parents can make everyday activities such as setting the table or reading a story into a fun-filled listening and learning opportunity.


Good Auditory Verbal Therapy is important for the success of a cochlear implant or hearing aid in the recipient?

A cochlear implant should ideally be done before the age of two but can be done for children as young as six-months AV Therapy should begin within 15 days of the implant and immediately after a hearing aid is prescribed.

Using ‘listening’ as a primary modality, AVT trains the child to listen first and then focus the shift to speaking. A crucial part of this is the therapist must sit next to the child, as it leaves no scope for lip reading. Once the listening improves, the child learns and begins to speak naturally.

Parents certainly play a significant role as facilitators during the therapy sessions and have to work on generalized listening to different sounds and people’s voices. with their children. The therapist also conducts weekly sessions with the parents to continue the program in the child’s home environment for optimal progress.

No, AVT starts only when an amplification device (hearing aids/cochlear implants) is placed in the child.

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