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Abstract – Inability to express after a stroke Madhusudan was a successful businessman, and the family was at a loss when he had a stroke as he couldn’t remember any

samvaad therapy centre


Abstract – Inability to Swallowing food , after a stroke For Mr. Gautam’s family, the language loss after a stroke was difficult to manage, but more challenging than that was

samvaad therapy centre

Stammering in an adult

Adult male with stuttering problem Rasheed, a 21-year-old engineering student, came to us with a complaint of stuttering since his childhood. He blamed all his failures on stuttering, but we

samvaad therapy centre

Voice disorders

Abstract – a software engineer with a feminine voice Coming from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, Harsha was excited to get a job in an MNC in Bangalore. Although

samvaad therapy centre

Feeding problems in children

Abstract – could not eat solid food Smrithi, now two years old, was a premature baby and had a mild delay in all her milestones. Her parents were more worried

Cerebral Palsy

Treating children with Cerebral Palsy

Abstract – Poor Motor Coordination of the limbs & no communication Neuro motor incoordination limited Ankith’s speech to a few sounds, but this cheerful child had a lot to say!

samvaad therapy centre

Treating children with language impairment

Abstract – Child not speaking in grammatical sentences Four-year-old Viraj had a vocabulary of only about 300 words he used meaningfully, but his sentences were never grammatically correct. For example:


Child with Misarticulation

Abstract – Child not pronouncing sounds correctly/ speech not clear When Ruchi, a four-year-old child, started fussing over social interaction, her surprised mother found out that she was being bullied

Hearing Impairment

Child with hearing impairment

Abstract – Not speaking despite wearing hearing aids Akshay was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at the age of 2 ½ years but made minimal progress in speech when he


Child with Autism

Abstract- Could name objects but couldn’t ask for his needs When 5-year-old Rahul came to Samvaad, he had already spent many unsuccessful hours in therapy. Diagnosed with Autism at the

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