Integrated ABA and Speech Therapy

aba therapy & speech therapy

Our Director, Ms. Radhika Poovayya, is India’s first behavior analyst and also holds a Masters in speech-language pathology. Hence, at Samvaad, we offer an effective treatment package that includes managing behavior and increasing communication skills, called the integrated ABA and speech therapy sessions.

ABA provides strategies for holding a child’s attention and keeping them motivated to learn. This is highly effective as children on the autism spectrum are often not naturally motivated to speak. ABA offers systematic procedures to break down barriers faced by children with autism. Once a child can pay attention, language can be taught step by step. Therefore, every session is effective, and learning occurs at a good rate. There’s no wasted session due to lack of cooperation from the child.

Speech therapists are not typically trained in gaining attention and motivation. They can focus on increasing vocabulary and sentences only if the child has achieved good attention. By combining both ABA and speech therapy in a session, we maximize learning outcomes. Additionally, we provide parent training in all strategies.

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