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samvaad therapy centre

Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA)

At Samvaad, we offer ABA Therapy, a proven treatment approach for children with Autism..

Speech-language Therapy (SLT)

It is a treatment for children and adults who have stammering, misarticulation, voice problems, or other communication problems.

auditory verbal therapy

Auditory verbal Therapy (AVT)

This is an intensive listening skill development program for children and adults with cochlear implants.

Nutrition Program for Children with Autism & ADHD

changes in the diet have been proven effective in improving attention and learning.

aba therapy & speech therapy

Integrated ABA and Speech Therapy

ABA gives strategies for holding a child’s attention and keeping the child motivated to learn. 

swallow therapy

Swallow Therapy

This specialized intervention helps individuals overcome difficulties related to swallowing, addressing issues such as choking, aspiration, and other swallowing disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Our skilled therapists work with clients to overcome challenges related to activities such as self-care, productivity, and leisure.

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