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Voice Problems

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy is advised for people who have problems with their voice quality. Therapy aims to correct the factors that hinder the production of a good voice.

At Samvaad, voice Therapy is offered for:

  • Breathiness
  • Hoarseness
  • Loss of voice (Aphonia)
  • Female voice in a male
  • Laryngectomee (patients whose larynx has been removed)
  • Professional singers
samvaad therapy centre

At Samvaad, we follow a behavioural approach to treatment which uses a reward system for children to maintain their motivation for therapy. For adults we use methods to reduce speech difficulties and provide psychological counseling/ cognitive therapy to reduce associated anxiety. We offer an intensive 12-day program at the beginning of the treatment phase and slowly reduce it to once or twice a week. All sessions are individual and group sessions will be added if required.

Several issues could cause a problem with voice quality, such as growth on the vocal cords, vocal overuse or misuse, cancer of the larynx, neurological conditions and paralysis of vocal cords, and inflammation caused by gastroesophageal reflux.


Previously, voice therapy was included in Speech Therapy. However, as the field is developing, in recent years Speech Therapists have specifically specialized in Voice Therapy.

Voice Therapy involves identifying factors responsible for faulty voice behavior and retraining the vocal cords to function optimally.

As our vocal cords are very delicate, there is a high chance of damaging them due to vocal strain. Damage can be prevented when people at risk, avoid clearing their throat often, drink adequate water to keep acidity under control, avoid alcohol and coffee, and avoid speaking very loudly and use a microphone to reduce vocal strain.

Puberphonia is a condition where an adult male has a female voice; it’s a rare problem and is not associated with any weakness. Puberphonia is caused due to the malfunctioning of the vocal cords.

During puberty, young boys experience a drop in the pitch of their voices. However, this transition may not be smooth for some boys, and the high pitch voice stays or their voice undergoes a lot of pitch breaks.

Voice therapy is extremely beneficial in improving vocal patterns. Results can be seen in a very short time.

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