Nutrition Therapy is a supportive Therapy approach to improve a child’s behavior, mood, sleep pattern, and ability to learn and focus. Ask for a free Nutrition Screening Test and unlock your child’s potential through the integrated “Nutrition & Optimal child development Program.”

Nutrition Therapy is a personalized care program focusing on nutritional deficiencies of a child along with toxins present in their food causing developmental delay Example: Autism/ADHD.

  • Encourage the child to eat everything being served without a fuss.
  • Monitor symptoms around deficiencies and drive behavioral changes.
  • Create lifetime changes in eating habits .

It takes anything between 30-90 days to start noticing improvements, and a minimum of 1 year to maintain these changes.

This is a supportive Therapy that works hand in hand with other therapies like ABA/Occupation Therapy/speech therapy.

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