Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Evidence-based approach for Children with Autism

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Speech Language

For all communication disorders in children and adults

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Auditory Verbal

For Children/Adults with cochlear implants

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Nutrition Program

For Children with Autism & ADHD

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Samvaad Therapy Centre

Samvaad Centers offer services in Speech Therapy, ABA, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition Therapy and counselling at all our centers. In children with difficulties in speech, early intervention provides the best results. We also provide therapy for adults with aphasia and other speech impairments.

Since 2002, Samvaad has been a pioneer and at the forefront of bringing the best practices worldwide to India. The founder, Radhika Poovayya, is the only Speech-language Pathologist in India, to graduate with a Master’s in Behavior Analysis – certified by the United State’s Board of Behavior Analysts.

Our centres are spread across multiple locations in Bangalore,with an international branch in Cambodia. Samvaad is where we make our best attempts to enable conversations with those around us who need us the most.

samvaad therapy centre

Our Services

samvaad therapy centre

Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA)

At Samvaad, we offer ABA Therapy, a proven treatment approach for children with Autism..

Speech-language Therapy (SLT)

It is a treatment for children and adults who have stammering, misarticulation, voice problems, or other communication problems.

auditory verbal therapy

Auditory verbal Therapy (AVT)

This is an intensive listening skill development program for children and adults with cochlear implants.

Nutrition Program for Children with Autism & ADHD

changes in the diet have been proven effective in improving attention and learning.

aba therapy & speech therapy

Integrated ABA and Speech Therapy

ABA gives strategies for holding a child’s attention and keeping the child motivated to learn. 

swallow therapy

Swallow Therapy

This specialized intervention helps individuals overcome difficulties related to swallowing, addressing issues such as choking, aspiration, and other swallowing disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Our skilled therapists work with clients to overcome challenges related to activities such as self-care, productivity, and leisure.

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05:46 26 Feb 24
We have been taking sessions at Samvaad Since August 23 and after 4 months he started to speak many thing. My Son is 4 years old. Now he is understanding things , following our instructions, his attention, listening, and speaking are improved.Dr. Radhika ma'am and shuchi ma'am are very helpful.My Son's therapist Serin Rose helped my son a lot. She interacts with him nicely.
Akshitha KanumuriAkshitha Kanumuri
12:01 19 Feb 24
One of my friend suggested this samvadh when I met doctor radhika mam I was fully satisfied with her clear explanation about asd and aba and my kid before joining this center he don't know the action of the words and he don't know to form a sentence also she promised me with a month u can see a change in ur child like wise I started two months back and same way theropist Nafila is also extraordinary theropist and the way she teach to yuvan is very good and my kid loves her very much now he is telling the meaning full words and we saw a very drastic change in him....thank u very much radhika mam .and thank u very much Nafila mam...
navneet kumarnavneet kumar
07:20 17 Feb 24
Hi, I am 28 years old and have stammering problem from my childhood.I visited Samvaad Speech & ABA Therapy centre. They conducted thorough assessments to identify specific challenges and customized a comprehensive plan. My speech therapist demonstrated exceptional professionalism and a genuine commitment to my progress. Each session was thoughtfully structured, combining a variety of exercises that targeted my speech goals.I appreciate the therapist's dedication to tracking progress and setting realistic milestones. This individualized approach significantly contributed to the noticeable improvements I experienced in my speech and communication abilities.I appreciate the therapist's dedication to tracking progress and setting realistic milestones. This individualized approach significantly contributed to the noticeable improvements I experienced in my speech and communication abilities.In summary, my experience with this speech therapist was nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend this center to anyone seeking personalized and effective speech therapy.
Sanjay MahadevanSanjay Mahadevan
09:31 15 Feb 24
My son had speech issues when he was 3.5yrs old. We have been working with Samvaad since he was 4yrs old. We have seen drastic improvement in him since then. Under the guidance of Radhika ma'am and Suchithra ma'am, we have been able to device monthly plans which were achievable. Therapist in Samvaad (initially Arjun and now Niharika) were also supportive and good in conducting the sessions. We are looking forward to working with Samvaad for further improvements.
Vivaan jhaVivaan jha
06:23 10 Feb 24
My son was six years old when we first learned about ASD, which was completely new to us and unheard of. After some research, we met a few therapists and attended several months of sessions, but the outcome was not satisfactory. We gave up for almost two years. Then, during further research, we found Samvaad. We decided to give it one more try, and the experience has been very positive. My son is improving every day, and within two months, I've seen significant progress. What I appreciate most is the personalized program tailored to my child's needs. We're happy because we can be present during the sessions and continue the activities at home. I sincerely want to thank Radhika Poovayya Mam 🙏 for her insights and for creating a detailed roadmap for my son. Thank you 🙏, Divya Sneha Mam, for making each session exciting for him, filled with learning and activities, along with providing monthly progress reports.
06:44 04 Dec 23
When our Son was diagnosed with ASD, we were very scared and anxious and were uncertain about the future. He had Speech Delay and some behavioral issue, and learning and communicating wasn’t coming naturally to him.The Good Dr. Radhika Poovayya was kind and gentle enough to help us explain and understand about this issue and patiently answered all our questions, she also helped desensitize the issue and drive away any stigma we all had towards ASD.Dr. Radhika comes across as someone who is very experienced and knowledgeable, she conducted the assessment herself and prescribed that we have therapy for our son. She explained to us how the therapy would help and that the approach to it would be personalized and unique to each and every child’s issue. She explained to us in depth about how the therapy would be done and also encouraged us to be a part of the daily therapy with the child so that we are in synch with what is being taught.The Therapist assigned to us was Naafila. To put it plainly, Naafila is truly a God Send to us, we can clearly see that it is her passion to help children overcome ASD/ behavioral disorder. She is very gentle and patient while teaching our son, and her curriculum and approach to him changes according to his needs, she is very personalized in her approach to teaching him. She also encourages us to put in time/ effort in this process and coaches us and answers all our questions patiently. All the hard work/ time that Naafila has put in our son is clearly yielding great results. All in all Naafila is an excellent Therapist and teacher.Miss Jaya is the Admin head for Samvaad and is very helpful and kind, she is very proactive and keeps us informed of any changes/ leaves and makes sure that all classes that we have paid has been accounted for. She is very accommodative and helped get us our therapy slot in samvaad and sometimes is also flexible towards change.Miss Suchi is the Head Trainer, who supervise the other Therapists and conducts weekly review with the therapist on how they can modify/ Personalize the therapy even better to suit the needs of the child. She is very approachable and informative and also coaches the parents on certain issues.We started therapy sometime around Feb 2023 and it has been 9 months thus far, and We must say – the results have been amazing and personally reassuring. Our Son has developed leaps and bounds from when we took him initially. He now -Can speak 250+ wordsForm 4 to 5 Word SentencesHas started giving eye contact,He can now put into words his feeling/ wantsRecognizes people/ things/ emotions/ Animals/ Birds/ VehiclesBehaviorally is in a much better space, where tantrums have reduced significantly.The Center, Samvaad and all its staff and have been nothing but Kind and motivating towards the child and parents. The Center encourages parents to be a part of the therapy and also explains to the parents regularly on the Do’s and Don’ts regarding ASD.I am very glad that we took the step to go meet Dr. Radhika and enroll him into Samvaad, our Son is in a much better space today all thanks to Samvaad.Keep up the good work Team 😊

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Ms Suchita Uchil

M. Sc (psy) and RBT

Nandini Reddy

Speech-language pathologist, and RBT

Nikitha Gowda

Speech-language pathologist, and RBT

Shruti Padmashali

Speech-language pathologist, and RBT

Divya Suhaney

MS Food & Nutrition – Certified Health Coach – CIIS USA


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