Abstract – Inability to express after a stroke

Madhusudan was a successful businessman, and the family was at a loss when he had a stroke as he couldn’t remember any of the passwords of his bank accounts. But for his wife, it wasn’t easy to look after him as he could not ask for any of his needs despite understanding her instructions.

Using Melodic Intonation Therapy helped him say his first few words, and slowly the words began to appear. In 6 months, he started speaking in small sentences, which gave him a reason to live. It took him almost another year before he started to communicate in full sentences with ease.

Takeaway Note

Recent advances have given great hope for people with Aphasia. Two hours of therapy, three times a week, can help any patient improve after a stroke. We have succeeded in improving communication with stroke patients who came to us after 5-8 years after their stroke.

If speech has not been regained, we also explore options on giving alternative modes of communication, like a computer device or a low-tech option like a chart with pictures/words to help them communicate.

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