Expert Speech Therapy Services at Our Speech Therapy Centre in Bangalore

speech therapy

Welcome to our Speech Therapy Centre in Bangalore, where we offer expert speech therapy services for individuals of all ages. Our specialized team of speech-language pathologists is dedicated to addressing a wide range of communication issues, including stammering, speech delay, clarity problems, voice issues, and aphasia. Our comprehensive approach and personalized treatment plans aim to empower our clients to communicate effectively and confidently in all aspects of their lives.

Expert Speech Therapy Services at Our Speech Therapy Centre in Bangalore

Speech therapy is a non-medical intervention for communication problems like stammering, speech delay, clarity problems, voice problems, and aphasia.

Specialized Speech Therapy for Stammering, Autism, and More

Speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists, work with children and adults. In India, this profession is relatively new, with the first college offering degree courses in speech-language pathology established in 1966.

speech therapy

Comprehensive Speech Therapy Solutions for Children and Adults

Speech and language problems are different. The problems classified as speech problems include stammering, mispronunciation of sounds, and voice problems, which can affect both children and adults.

Language problems in children, such as speech delay associated with hearing impairment, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay, and autism, require specialized attention. Similarly, adults may experience language difficulties after a head injury or stroke, known as aphasia.

Therapy sessions involve the therapist conducting a baseline assessment of the skills that need addressing. A short-term and long-term plan is then devised, with specific targets set for each month. A speech therapist is trained in various strategies to improve the lagging aspects of a particular child or adult.

Practice plays a crucial role in therapy sessions, either through play or direct teaching methods. At Samvaad, we believe in total transparency and empowering families. Parents are allowed in each session and given training on implementing strategies to help their child acquire skills faster. For adults, caregivers also receive training during these sessions.


With our expertise in the best speech therapy techniques and a team of skilled speech-language pathologists, we understand that it takes a village to raise a child. Rest assured, you’ll feel like part of our family when you visit any of our leading therapy centers in Bangalore. Take your time with communication challenges. Take the first step towards effective communication and book an appointment with our speech therapy center today!

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